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Welcome to Houndwood Crematorium


Houndwood Church was built during the mid-1830s to accommodate the Grantshouse and Reston Communities. The first service, at what was initially called Reston Chapel, took place in 1836.

Houndwood became a parish within its own right just 15 years later.

For 175 years, Houndwood Church was the religious heart of this beautiful part of Berwickshire.


In 2003 the final Church of Scotland service was delivered at Houndwood Church before its closure.

The B-Listed building was subsequently purchased by the Edinburgh-based Carlton Group and a rear section converted into a crematorium, safeguarding its future and heralding a return to its initial religious roots.

Houndwood Crematorium opened to the public 30th March 2015.

Tim Morris, Chief Executive of the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management, commented: “I am not aware of any church building that has been converted into a crematorium, however a number of cemetery chapels have been converted. I believe Houndwood is unique.”

Local carpenters, stonemasons, roofers and gardeners were all used in the conservation and renovation work.

Houndwood Crematorium is committed to benefitting the local community, also bringing added revenue for many neighbouring businesses – from cafes and restaurants to florists and accommodation providers.

Memorial Garden

Houndwood Crematorium has its own Memorial Garden where loved ones can enjoy the solitude and reflect.

Pathways meander through indigenous rowan and birch trees throughout the landscaped garden with several benches placed sympathetically in this quiet corner of Houndwood.

A separate entrance allows direct access without having to enter the Churchyard – preventing any intrusion on other cremations.